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Virtual training and meetings are a part of our everyday work life

How do you differentiate your training experience from the other virtual meetings your learners have in their day?

I believe we can connect and engage our learners through virtual learning events and training.  I have been successfully delivering virtual training for over 10 years. I know what works. I teach techniques that help instructors teach their content, engage their learners, and confidently use technology.

I call it the Blueprint to Deliver Engaging Online Training.

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Do you want to significantly increase your ability to deliver online training?

The “Blueprint to Deliver Engaging Online Training” provides practical techniques, guidance and tools that you can use to build Connection with you to facilitate virtual training and learning events, including online meetings.

Practice using techniques on how to master your content, engage your learners, and power your technology. 

Learn a renewable cycle on how to prepare and rehearse, reflect on your facilitation, and review your training partnership.

Each module contains short video lessons and tools that you can use and apply to your online training.  

The Blueprint to Deliver Engaging Online Training Masterclass contains…

  • Short videos packed with impactful tips and techniques you can use in your next online event..

  • Action-focused workbooks for each module to aid in discovery and improve your skills through each step in the model.

  • Comprehensive module checklists that summarize content for quick review, reflection, and skill refresh.

  • Practical tools that you can adapt to improve your planning and delivery of online content.

Learn and apply the Blueprint in five modules…

Module 1 - Overview and Introduction

Understand the Blueprint and assess yourself on the Three Pillars. Contains 4 lessons and 3 tools (approximately 14 minutes to start the experience). 

Module 2 - Master Your Content

Learn the techniques on mastering how to deliver the content of your course in the virtual training platform. Contains 8 lessons and 3 tools (approximately 30 minutes of video lessons).

Module 3 - Engage Your Learners

Learn techniques on engaging your learners using virtual platform tools (chat, emoticons, poll, annotate). Contains 9 lessons and 5 tools (approximately 40 minutes of video lessons).

Module 4 - Power Your Technology

Learn advanced techniques with virtual platform tools (whiteboard, breakout groups, recording) and how to handle technology troubles. Contains 8 lessons and 5 tools (approximately 35 minutes of video lessons).

5 - Rehearse, Reflect, and Review

Understand the training partnership and process to effectively rehearse, reflect on your performance, and review your training. Reassess yourself on the Three Pillars. Contains 8 lessons and 8 tools (approximately 35 minutes). 

BONUS Module

Learn and apply using the techniques and tools with the FASTER Blueprint Learning Checklist.

Praise for Blueprint…

As a trainer I now feel prepared to diversify and enhance my content with the tools and techniques covered in the course. The course packs a wealth of content into brief lessons and supplementary exercises; you can easily fit the lessons into a busy schedule, and begin applying the concepts to your own training immediately.

Sarah Britto

The tools Dave provides will save time, and help remove anxiety over virtual delivery. I feel more confident about when, why and how to use the technology features to engage the audience. The Blueprint approach is practical, the lessons are short, packed with tools, tips and examples.

Nancy Carlson

The course was a wakeup call on the level of work that goes into training successfully virtually - IF you want to do it well. Creating participant engagement and value in a virtual environment can be done, but I needed Dave’s process to master it. The shift from live to virtual training is not a small one. I was good live, and thought I would learn Zoom and wing it. Wasn’t going to happen. I needed to develop a new mindset and skill set. Dave’s Blueprint provided this.

Doug Beckley

I appreciate how this course challenges me to focus on the learner experience as well as giving me the tools to continually improve my virtual delivery. Dave’s practical approach and just-in-time tools make his course a great value for anyone who wants to grow their skills and confidence as a virtual facilitator. This content has never been more relevant!

Peggy Janovetz

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About the Instructor

Dave Yakonich helps individuals and organizations build capabilities to connect and engage employees using learning technologies. He has been in the Talent Development and Learning space for over 25 years. He uses his experience in virtual training, blended learning, and program development to create digital and in-person learning experience in a variety of industries.

  In “Blueprint to Deliver Engaging Virtual Training,” Dave shares his over ten years of experience delivering virtual training best practices. He distills his proven virtual presenting tools to help new and seasoned virtual instructors to prepare their content, use virtual tools to engage their learners, and apply strategies to manage the technology in a virtual platform


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